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This is a list of described genetic loci, and their mutant (non-wild type) alleles. This list is not currently complete.

For a list of colours see the list of phenotypes.

This page lists loci where at least one mutation from wild type has been described.
Locus name Mutant alleles (genetic symbols) Notes
The ac locus Lethal achondroplasia (ac)
The al locus Albino (al)
The am locus Amputated (am)
The An locus Anthracite (An) May be identical to the Drz locus.
The at locus Ataxia (at)
The b locus Ash red (BA), brown (b) The "base colour" locus.
The Bh locus Baldhead pied (Bh)
The Bl locus Bleached (Bl)
The C locus Barless (c), check (C), T-pattern (CT) The "base pattern" locus.
The ca locus Cataract (ca)
The cl locus Clumsy (cl)
The Cnc locus Chinese nasal crest (Cnc)
The cr locus Peak crest (cr)
The Cu1 locus Curl 1 (Cu1)
The Cu2 locus Curl 2 (Cu2)
The cy locus Crazy (cy)
The d locus Dilute (d), pale (dp), extreme dilute (dex)
The da locus Dark eye (da)
The ds locus Davis syndrome (ds)
The dsc locus Deutsch scraggly (dsc)
The Drz locus Drizzle (Drz) May be identical to the An locus.
The e locus Recessive red (e), ember (eEm)
The ecr locus Eye crest (ecr)
The er locus Erratic (er)
The F locus Frayed (F)
The fb locus Feed blind (fb)
The fg locus Fringe (fg)
The fs locus Frill Stencil (fs)
The fz locus Frizzy (fz)
The G locus Grizzle (G) May be home to a number of other alleles, investigation required.
The gy locus Grizzly (gy)
The gr locus Grouse (gr)
The Ic locus Ice (Ic)
The In locus Indigo (In)
The K locus Kite (K)
The L locus Silky (L)
The mi locus Microphthalmia (mi)
The my locus Milky (my)
The Nn locus Naked neck (Nn)
The o locus Recessive opal (o), cherry (och)
The Od locus Dominant opal (Od)
The p locus Porcupine (p)
The pb locus Lead (pb)
The pd locus Pink-eyed dilute (pd)
The pl locus Platinum (pl)
The py locus Polydactyly (py)
The r locus Reduced (r), rubella (rru)
The ro locus Rolling (ro)
The ros locus Rosette crest (ros)
The ry locus Rusty (ry)
The S locus Spread (S)
The Saf locus Saffron (Saf)
The Sb locus Sideburns (Sb)
The sc locus Scraggly (sc)
The skpy locus Show King polydactyly (skpy)
The Sl locus Slipper (Sl)
The So locus Sooty (So)
The St locus Stipper (St), qualmond (StQ), sandy (StSa), frosty (Stfr), faded (StF), chalky (StC), hickory (StH)
The t locus Tharp polydactyly (t), Hasz polydactyly (tH)
The tr locus Pearl eye (tr)
The Ts1 locus Toy Stencil 1 (Ts1) Sometimes also called "Mahogany" (Ma)
The Ts2 locus Toy Stencil 2 (Ts2)
The ts3 locus Toy Stencil 3 (ts3)
The V locus Dirty (V), smoky (vsy)
The w locus Web foot (w)
The Wh locus Dominant white (Wh)
The wl locus Web lethal (wl)
The wo locus Wobbly (wo)
The Ws locus Red whiteside (Ws), red neck (WsRh)
The wwg locus Whitewing gimpel (wwg)
The z locus Gazzi (z), recessive white (zwh), possibly more.