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Locus e locus
Genetic symbol eE
Common name Ember
Inheritance Autosomal recessive
Mutation type Colour modifier
History Discovered in feral pigeons

Ember is an allele at the e locus. This mutation is recessive to wild type but dominant over recessive red.


The ember phenotype is variable depending on the pigeon's genotype. A homozygous ember (eE//eE) on a blue base is identifiable in the nest as an ember, and will moult into blue-like phenotype with a an ember colouration in the flight feathers and pattern. On the other hand, a heterozygous ember/heterozygous recessive red (eE//e) will begin life with the appearance of standard recessive red birds, and as they moult their colouration reverts toward wild type with a sheen of bronze or "glowing ember".


Ember is an autosomal recessive mutation. This means that both parents need to carry the mutant gene for it to express in the next generation. As a recessive mutation, it is possible for this mutation to be carried by a bird who does not visually express it.


Ember was originally discovered in a population feral pigeons by Larry Long, however it appears to have origins in domestic birds.