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Welcome to the Wiki and thank you for your interest in helping out!

Can I edit the Wiki?

Yes you can! However, you cannot create an account directly on this Wiki. To edit the wiki, you require an account on the forum. It is very strongly recommended (though not compulsory) that you use your real name as your forum and wiki account name. Please note that simply signing up to the forum does not grant you automatic access to the Wiki. To preserve the quality of the Wiki, all contributors must be approved. Please make a post in the approprate forum board introducing yourself. If approved, admin will grant you access.

How do I edit the Wiki?

Please visit this page for general tips.

Which pages should I edit?

You may edit any page on the Wiki. Please note that all allele, locus, breed and phenotype pages have a typical template - please endevour to keep the pages as close as possible to this format.
Some specific pages that may require attention can be found here and here.

How do I create new pages?

Only administrators can generate new pages. If you feel a new page is required, you may either make a post on the forum requesting it, or link to the required page using double square brackets. This will create a red link, which admins are alerted to. Once the page has been created by admin, you may edit it.

How do I add images?

At this stage, only administrators may upload and add images.

Why should I use this website instead of building a private site?

Many people have begun building some high quality private websites, but unfortunately it is a very big job and often too much for a single person. Using a collaborative Wiki, we can build a comprehensive and high quality resource.

I have another question!

If your question is not answered here, please contact AdamArcher on the forum.