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Pigeon expressing sideburns.
Locus Sb locus
Genetic symbol Sb
Common name Sideburns
Inheritance Autosomal dominant
Mutation type Morphological modifier
Description Reversed feathers around the lower part of the head and beak.

Sideburns is an allele at the Sb locus. This mutation is dominant to wild type.


This mutation causes feathers on the pigeon's head, usually the lower areas towards the neck and beak, to grow backwards. Occasionally tufts of feathers grow above the beak and whorls of feathers appear on other parts of the head. Pigeons homozygous for the trait often express a head tremor.


Sideburns is an autosomal dominant mutation. This means that only one parent of either sex needs to carry the mutant gene for it to express in the next generation. Unless it is hidden by another modifier, a pigeon not expressing this trait will not pass it onto its children.


This mutation was discovered and described by Hollander.