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Web lethal
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Locus wl locus
Genetic symbol wl
Common name Web lethal
Inheritance Sex-linked recessive
Mutation type Morphological
Description Webbing between toes, typically lethal before hatching.

Web lethal (symbol wl) is a recessive morphological mutation located at the wl locus.


Homozygous (wl//wl) and hemizygous (wl//•) web lethal pigeons typically die before hatching, and the dead-in-shell baby will have webbed toes. This mutation is unrelated to the mutation at the w locus that can cause a similar webbed foot phenotype.


Web lethal is a sex-linked recessive mutation. As it is a lethal trait, it typically can only be carried heterozygously by cocks who intern pass it onto half of their sons and daughters. The hemizygous daughters will fail to hatch, and the heterozygous sons will continue to carry the trait.


See also

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