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Orojo, using grizzly.
The orojo phenotype, which uses "grizzly".
Locus gy locus
Genetic symbol gy
Common name Grizzly
Inheritance Autosomal recessive
Mutation type Colour modifier, Enabler gene
History Discovered in Catalonian Tumblers

Grizzly is an allele at the gy locus. This mutation is recessive to wild type.


This mutation does not appear to have an effect on non-recessive red pigeons. On homozygous recessive red birds it acts as an enabler and produces the orojo phenotype.


Grizzly is an autosomal recessive mutation. This means that both parents need to carry the mutant gene for it to express in the next generation. As a recessive mutation, it is possible for this mutation to be carried by a bird who does not visually express it. As it does not express on pigeons who are wild type at the e locus homozygous grizzly pigeons are usually also not visually discernible without recessive red.


Grizzly was discovered around 2004 in Catalonian Tumbler pigeons, and was researched by breeders including Gary Young, Jerry Sternadel, Gene Hocklan and others.