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This is a list of phenotyes and colours in domestic pigeons. This list is not complete.

Phenotype name Mutant genes required Photograph
Almond Stipper, kite, T-pattern, heterozygous recessive red. Almond-Kenny-Davis.jpg
Andalusian Spread, heterozygous indigo Andalusian-Eugene-Jordan.jpg
"Double Factor" Andalusian, sometimes called "homozygous andalusian" Spread, homozygous indigo
Ash red spread, sometimes called "lavender", "silver", "barless mealy", etc Ash red, spread
Black, sometimes called "black self" Spread Spread Black.jpg
Black ash Heterozygous ash red, heterozygous blue, spread, homozygous smoky. This colour is only possible on male pigeons.
Black grizzle Spread, Grizzle
Black Tiger Grizzle Spread, Tiger grizzle
Black whiteside Spread, others
Blue bar None, this is wild type Blue Bar Feral pigeon.jpg
Blue barless Barless
Blue check Check
Brown, sometimes called "brown self" Brown, spread
Brown bar Brown
Brown barless Brown, barless
Brown check Brown, check
Deroy Stipper, kite, T-pattern, recessive red.
Dunn Dilute, spread
Grizzle (classic) Heterozygous grizzle Valencian Figurita - Blue Grizzle.jpg
Grizzle (stork) Homozygous grizzle
Isobel Various
Khaki Brown, dilute, spread
Khaki bar Brown, dilute
Khaki barless Brown, dilute, barless
Khaki check Brown, dilute, check
Lemon Extreme dilute Extreme-Dilute-Blue-Check-Adam-Archer.jpg
Pied Various
Recessive red, sometimes called "red self" Homozygous recessive red, enhanced by spread and other darkening and bronzing factors Carneau Recessive Red.jpg
Red bar, sometimes called "mealy", "silver", etc Ash red
Red barless Ash red, barless
Red check Ash red, check
Silver bar Dilute
Silver barless Dilute, barless Barless-dilute-blue-modena-pigeon.jpg
Silver check Dilute, check
Tortoiseshell, sometimes called "Tortoiseshell grizzle", "tort", or "tort grizzle" Grizzle, a bronzing factor
White, sometimes called "white self" This phenotype can be produced using a number of different genotypes White-Capuchin-Pigeon.jpg
White pattern Various
Red whiteside Homozygous recessive red, homozygous red whiteside Dutch highflier Homozygous Whiteside Ws.jpg
Yellow, sometimes called "yellow self" Homozygous recessive red, dilute
Yellow bar Ash red, dilute
Yellow barless Ash red, barless, dilute
Yellow check Ash red, check, dilute