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Description Self red, with frosted feathers, and occasional feathers either turning completely white, or reverting to wild type.
Genotype e//e gy//gy

Orojo (pronouced "oro-HO" from the Spanish words meaning "golden red") is a rare pigeon colour phenotype.


Orojo pigeons are red in colour (produced by recessive red), with frosted edges on their feathers and random white patches. Occasional wild-type blue feathers also occur, and grizzling on the head is not uncommon. This can sometimes create a pigeon similar in colour to an almond or deroy.


According to research by Gary Young and others, the homozygous addition of the recessive enabler gene "grizzly" to homozygous recessive red will produce an Orojo-coloured pigeon.


Original Orojo cockbird.

The orojo phenotype was initially discovered and described around 2004 in a loft of Catalonian Tumbler pigeons. At first, the birds appeared visually similar to deroy, but extensive testing proved no link to any St locus alleles, nor was it sex linked at all.

Testing of the mutation continued, the conclusion of which was that orojo was recessive red with the addition of an unknown recessive autosomal trait that Gary Young coined "grizzly" or gy//gy. Whenever an orojo is mated to an unrelated recessive red the result is all "unimproved" recessive red offspring. When these offspring are mated together they will produce the expected 25% orojo (e//e gy//gy), 50% recessive red carrying heterozygous grizzly (e//e +//gy), and 25% normal recessive red offpring (e//e +//+).

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