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A white phenotype
Description Solid white, with little to no pigment in feathers
Genotype Various
Commonly found in breeds such as: Many

White or self white is a common phenotype in pigeons. White pigeons have very little to no pigment in their feathers, and there are various different genotypes and genetic traits that will cause a white phenotype.

Because a white phenotype can be produced by many entirely unrelated genotypes, it cannot always be expected that a "white x white" mating will produce more white pigeons. It is important to know and understand the genotype of pigeons used in your breeding projects.

Recessive white

Homozygous recessive white (zwh) pigeons will have pure white feathers, with dark eyes. Heterozygous recessive white pigeons (those who carry just one copy of the gene) will not be white, but are able to pass it onto their young.

Ash red grizzle

It is possible to use homozygous grizzle (G) on an ash red (BA) base to breed a white pigeon with coloured eyes. The addition of modifiers like dilute and spread can improve the white colour.

Dominant white

Dominant white (Wh) can express a white phenotype when heterozygous or homozygous.

Hyperexpression of pied

There are many pied traits in pigeons, and it is possible to create a white phenotype using a number of them in combination. This method will require selection, and will likely produce a high proportion of mismarked birds. Most white birds bred using this method will have dark eyes.


Albino (al) pigeons have white feathers and pink eyes. Their eyesight is usually poor to the extent that flying is dangerous for the bird.

Homozygous stipper

Homozygous stipper (St) is usually lethal, however surviving birds are near white.


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