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Albino Fantail pigeon.
Homozygous albino Fantail pigeon.
Locus al locus
Genetic symbol al
Common name Albino
Inheritance Autosomal recessive
Mutation type Colour modifier
Description White feathering, pink eyes, poor eyesight.

Albino is an allele at the al locus. This mutation is recessive to wild type.


Homozygous albino (al//al) pigeons have pure white feathers and pink eyes. They typically also have poor eyesight. Albino squabs have short down in the nest.

Heterozygous albino ((al//+) pigeons appear normal, but can pass the mutant gene onto their children.

Young albino pigeon in nest.


Albino is an autosomal recessive mutation. This means that both parents need to carry the mutant gene for it to express in the next generation. As a recessive mutation, it is possible for this mutation to be carried by a bird who does not visually express it.



Albino can be included in the white phenotype, however due to the poor eyesight of homozygous albino pigeons it is usually recommended to produce a white phenotype using a different genotype.

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