Ash red spread

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Ash Red Spread
The "Ash Red Spread" phenotype
Description Description of Ash Red Spread
Genotype BA//?, S//?
Commonly found in breeds such as: Racing homers and others

Ash Red Spread is a phenotype found in many breeds of pigeon. This phenotype is often erroneously given names such as "lavender", "silver", "barless mealy", etc.


This phenotype is somewhat variable, especially depending on any other modifiers present. An Ash Red Spread pigeon's phenotype may be light and ashy all over, right through to the very dark black ash phenotype. Sometimes the underlying pattern is visible. The inclusion of the blue base colour on an ash red spread cock will often cause considerable "ink spotting", which can sometimes be confused for almond.


Ash Red Spread is the combination of (heterozygous or homozygous) spread with the ash red base colour.


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