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Duplicated rear toes due to the Polydactyly mutation.
Polydactyly duplicating wing tips.
A pigeon with extra toes and wing tips due to the Polydactyly mutation (py//py).
Locus py locus
Genetic symbol py
Common name Polydactyly
Inheritance Autosomal recessive
Mutation type Morphological
Description Duplication of rear toes, occasional other duplications.

Polydactyly (symbol py) is a recessive morphological mutation located at the py locus.


Homozygous polydactyly (py//py) pigeons have duplicated rear toes, and occasional duplications of other toes and wing bones. This mutation is not related to other similar duplication mutations such as Show King polydactyly.


Polydactyly (py) is an autosomal recessive mutation. This means that both parents need to carry the mutant gene for it to express in the next generation. As a recessive mutation, it is possible for this trait to be carried by a bird who does not visually express it.


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