List of pigeon breeds

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Domestic pigeons have been developed into hundreds or thousands of different breeds throughout the world, this is a list of pigeon breeds.

Breed name Type Photograph
18-tail Yangzhou Gaofei Flying - Chinese Yangzhou-Gaofei-Malik-Hamza.jpg
American Show Racer Exhibition - Homing
Anatolian Ringbeater Performance - Ringbeating
Australian Performing Tumbler Exhibition - Tumbler
Belgian Ringbeater Performance - Ringbeating Belgian-Ringbeater-Andrea-Schlechte.jpg
Belgian Beauty Homer Exhibition - Homing
Beauty Homer de Lige Exhibition - Homing
British Show Homer Exhibition - Homing
Danzig highflyer Flying - Endurance
Dragoon Exhibition - Wattle
Dutch Beauty Homer Exhibition - Homing
English Carrier Exhibition - Wattle
Exhibition homer Exhibition - Homing
Felégyhaza Tumbler Flying - Tumbler
Genuine homer Exhibition - Homing
German Beauty Homer Exhibition - Homing
Giant homer Exhibition - Homing
Indian fantail Exhibition - Fantail
Limerick tumbler Flying - Tumbler
Showpen homer Exhibition - Homing
Tippler Flying - Endurance
Racing homer Flying - Homing
Rhine Ringbeater Performance - Ringbeating
Xinjiang Langong Flying - Chinese
Zhongyuan Jindou Flying - Tumbler