Zhongyuan Jindou

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Zhongyuan Jindou
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Breed type Rolling and Tumbling breeds
Description A tumbling breed from China
Origin China
Known for When bird fly,it slap up, and then perform somersault.
Conservation status Common

This variety is different from Xinjiang's flip, it is said that Kaifeng,China is the birthplace of this variety.


Also known as Central Plains Somersault Pigeons. This variety has many colors, not only solid color. This pigeon breed has long beaks. The front of the head can be Rose crest and Nasal Tuft, and the back of the head should be Shell crest. The tail is long and tail feathers are arranged vertically, preferably more than 20. In white Flights birds the white feathers on the wings are seven on the left and eight on the right. It is very rare to be able to generate just like this, so pigeon dealers often cheat. There are variants in this category: white wings and white tails;a color Pigeon with white wings such that there are seven left and eight right white flight feathers in wings, and white tail at the same time, it is called "San Kuaiyu" and If the head is also white, it is called "Si Kuaiyu". "Si Kuaiyu" is more valuable.