18-tail Yangzhou Gaofei

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18-tail Yangzhou Gaofei
18-tail Yangzhou Gaofei.
18-tail Yangzhou Gaofei
Breed type Highflying and Endurance breeds
Description A Highflyer breed of china
Origin China
Known for Yangzhou has 18 tail feathers or more. The flight time is more than 5 hours.
Conservation status Unknown

The 18-tail Yangzhou Gaofei (highflyer) pigeons are of great ornamental value in china.The 18-tail Yangzhou Gaofei Pied Pigeon has black and white feathers, whether it is flying at high altitude or landing on the roof, it looks rich and magnificent.


Yangzhou has 18 tail feathers or more. The flight time is more than 5 hours.The tail should be as black as a black spot, grape eyes, pier mouth, black upper beak, flesh-colored lower beak, commonly known as mandarin duck mouth, which is different from Old Beijing pigeons. They can feed their own youngs so do not required fostering of eggs or chicks. Raising difficulty is lower. Suitable for beginners. The ideal bird to be accepted into the general population must be a yin and yang mouth, with the upper beak being black and the lower beak being flesh-colored. If it is a crested mouth, a cluster of black feathers rises in front of the forehead, and the left and right sides are brought together in the middle, such as the hands are folded and budding like a lotus, if it is a flat head, an oval black dot is required to stand in the middle, which is similar to an olive but the upper end is round. Not sharp, the lower edge of the nasal bubble is neat and smooth. The left and right eyes are separated by equidistant white hairs. Its ornamental value is no less than that of crested. Tail feathers 18 tail feathers are all black, as dark as paint. The boundary between the waist and the vent of the white body is as clear as a knife. The pointed feathers between the vent, called "support", must also be pure black, otherwise the nest will be incorrect.


China's high-flying pigeons can be divided into regions: Gangu high-flying pigeons in Gansu, Sichuan Leshan high-flying pigeons and Yangzhou 18-tailed high flying pigeons. Chinese pigeons can be divided into black spot, Red spot and blue spot according to their feather colors. All of these varieties have many things in common. Take the black spot as an example: the plumage is white, the tail is black, and the top of the head is centered on the front of a tuft of black hair, hence the name spot. Due to the geographical area, the Nasal Tuft pigeon has evolved into many branches, such as hairy feet Nasal Tuft, Tianjin big Nasal Tuft, Old Beijing , Beijing-Tianjin small Nasal Tuft and so on. There is a difference between four claws and five claws due to the different number of claws.