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Locus infobox
Test Pigeon Image
z Locus
Mutation type Colour modifier
Description Various degrees of white or pied feathering
Alleles +, z, zg, zp
History Ancient
Allele infobox
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Gazzi (zg)
Genetic symbol zg
Common name Gazzi
Inheritance Autosomal recessive
Mutation type Colour modifier
Description White feathering replacing all except face/top of head, wing shield, back and tail
History European, likely ancient
Commonly found in breeds such as Modena

Colour/Morph infobox
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Classic Almond
Common name Classic almond
Genetic formula St//+, e//+, K//K or +, and CT//CT or CT//other pattern allele
Commonly found in breeds such as English Shortfaced Tumbler

Breed infobox
Test Pigeon Image
Racing pigeon
Common name Racing Pigeon
Breed type Flying/Performance
Origin/History Developed from European breeds in mid-1800s
Conservation status Common

The Sandbox locus is a mutation on an unknown chromosome with two known alleles and one known linkage.


Allele name Symbol Description
"Not Sandbox" + Wildtype
Sandbox Sb A test allele


Linked loci Description
Dirtbox Colour modifier