American Imported Indian Fantail pigeon

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American Imported Indian Fantail
American Imported Indian Fantail pigeon
Breed type Structure Breeds
Description Largest breed of Fantail pigeon
Origin USA
Conservation status Common

American Imported Indian Fantail as the name shows it is Indian Fantail orginated and improved in America. It is a breed of Fantail known for its big size. It is Actually Indian Fantail with Improved Size. When This Breed arrived in Bahrain, so Bahraini Breeders tried to distinguish it with old Mutation of Indian Fantail. So they started calling it American Imported Indian Fantail. After some time with Language barriers it turned into American Indian Fantail. But it is Actually True Indian Fantail and follows Indian Fantail standard of Perfection. And whole world know it as Indian Fantail. And this breed is exhibited under the Label of Indian Fantail.


The main feature of American Indian Fantail is Fan like Tail, Crest on head, Muffs on feets and big Size.It is one of the most famous fancy breed in Pakistan,Arab and India and there are many devoted breeder of this fantail in all of these countries.

This breed comes in all colors including Self colors (Recessive Red,Recessive Yellow,White,Black,etc),Almond,Dominant Opal,Recessive Opal,Milky,Reduced and different colors of Body mark,Saddle and tail mark birds have also produced.


According to given information the Americans have used Indian Fantail pigeon imported from Subcontinent (Pakistan & India) with Hungarian Giant pigeon,Giant Runts and other large local breeds to developed this breed over many generations.But they got success with Giant Hungarians. Some Bahraini Breeders tried to use Giant Runts to improve size of Indian Fantail But they failed in doing so and end up with a messy and faulty Indian Fantail. This breed is not a newly built breed rather even in Pakistan it was present 20 years ago. There are many devoted breeder in Lahore, Multan, Mianwali and Sargodha cities of Pakistan and every breeder is trying to breed bigger size and Standard bird. Following the Indian Fantail Standard of Perfection.