Whiteside pigeon colour genetics

Whiteside Dutch Highflyer – Photo by Jim Gifford.

Whiteside” or “white shield” is a descriptor used to describe at least two separate and unrelated colour morphs caused by different modifiers. Whiteside-coloured pigeons are typically self-red or self-black, with unbroken white wing shields.

Neither are well studied, with further investigation required for both.

Red Whiteside” appears to be most common in Dutch- and other European-derived breeds, and is related to Recessive Red. Some evidence suggests this may be a dominant or incomplete dominant trait controlled by a single gene – however more study is required.

Red Whiteside squabs appear self-red until their first moult, when they receive their white feathers. This is different to Black Whiteside pigeons, who are black and white from the nest.

Even less is known about “Black Whiteside” than Red – however early evidence suggests it is possibly related to Grizzle and Spread.