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Alas, I don't own a single pigeon, barely even held two in my whole life and yet, I'm absolutely engrossed by those animals.

I'm not sure if I ever succeed in getting more physical with them, so theoretical knowledge will have to be enough for now.
And while the whole part about feeding, training and keeping them happy and healthy is something that I'd rather learn from someone experienced in person, I try to gather everything there is about their biology, pathologies, domestication history, the different breeds and genetics in the meantime.

Especially the last bit has me preoccupied since the last months.
It has been a hobby of mine to collect knowledge about morphological traits in different kinds of animals. Thanks to genetic sequencing and other methods, science has made temendous progress even in the seemingly "useless" field regarding fur and feather color.

And I'm all here for it!

So during my pursuit to implement real, living and breathing pigeons in my daily life, I'd love to discuss different topics in this forum and contribute to your Pigeon Genetics Wiki.
I have some experience in academic, evidence-based writing and even though I am still a noob regarding working within a Wiki, I'm eager to learn and hope to be part of your project.

Have a good one!
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