The "Lotus Pigeon" [莲花 鸽子]

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The "Lotus Pigeon" [莲花 鸽子]

Post by Lotus »

I have not started on this project yet, nor have I got any pigeons. The last time I have pigeons was during my juvenile years when I have a dozen mixed flock of High-Flyers, Rollers & Tumblers.

I m a novice to genetics, however I have been a keen learner of Mendelian Genetics - into genetics of Budgerigars, Geese, Betta & some Aquarium fish, Poultry (Chicken) and Pigeons.
My understanding of molecular genetics is almost zero but hope to get there some time in the future, when I am more conversant with genetics and molecular chemistry (DNA & RNA in particular).

I came across a very old manuscript many years ago (in the mid 1980s before the digital age) that described an ornamental "Lotus Pigeon" [莲花 鸽子] once found in ancient China - the flare of the large, rounded tail and the large full fan neck hood forming two bowls touching each other like flower petals, and the full head crown (cap? crest? rosette?) forming an inner floret, its rounded body resting low on full long feathered feet that form a circle like the lotus leaf, the overall impression is like a lotus flower resting on its leaf on a pond.
It seems like this "Lotus Pigeon" would have look like a Fantailed Bokhara Trumpeter with a Jacobin's mane & hood and a compact, rounded body.

Based on my limited knowledge and the description above, I am trying to recreate this pigeon from modern breeds.
Any advice, education and opinion from specialist expert breeders, or the pigeon fancier community at large, will be much appreciated.
Thank you all in advance.
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Re: The "Lotus Pigeon" [莲花 鸽子]

Post by Johannes »

This sounds interesting and the start of a massive undertaking. I’ve searched the web for an image of the bird you saw in the 1980s but cannot find anything to give me something to go on. What I did see, nuns, capuchins and jacobins. Is that getting close?
Please keep us updated.
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