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Hello! I go by Poltergeist, or Polt,

I found this forum through Mr. Archer’s Pigeon Research archive at while I was looking for a couple of W. F. Hollander’s papers (If you’re reading this, Mr. Archer, the archive is incredible, and I’m so glad you put it together)

I love genetics, and I’m fascinated by pigeon genetics. While I’ve been studying pigeons for quite a while, I am the first person in my family to take an interest in pigeons, and so I’m brand new to the pigeon community, and I do not yet have any of my own (though hopefully this will change in the coming years).

In the meantime, until my situation allows me to have pigeons, I keep myself busy with research, from basic care, to genetics, to health and vet care. 

I have particular interest in the genetics of temperament, disease resistance, as well as studying rare breeds and their preservation. 

I hope to continue my research and perhaps share things of interest with other pigeon admirers
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Welcome! Happy to have you here!
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