Recessive Pied Budgie

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Recessive Pied Budgie

Post by marksam »

I have a recessive pied blue budgie hen, that is her top half is white and her bottom half is blue.
I plan to mate her to a recessive pied green budgie cock, that is his top half is yellow yellow and his bottom half is green.
What color budgies can I expect?
See video:
recessive pied green budgie cock
recessive pied green budgie cock
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recessive pied blue budgie hen
recessive pied blue budgie hen
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Re: Recessive Pied Budgie

Post by AdamArcher »

I don't know anything about budgie genetics unfortunately, but I hope someone can help!
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Re: Recessive Pied Budgie

Post by Lotus »

The colour genetics and Recessive Pied pattern genetics of budgerigars is a simple straightforward Mendelian autosomal genetics.

The Recessive Pied (also known as Danish Pied) pattern is recessive to the Normal (Wild) Type pattern - and since you are breeding 2 Recessive Pied birds together, you will get 100% Recessive Pied babies.

The wild type colour of Budgerigars is Green - so, Green is Dominant over Blue (Blue is recessive to Green and you need two copies or homozygous Blue alleles for the blue colour to be expressed).

If your Green budgie is homozygous for Green (having two copies of the Green allele), then you will only get all green babies, but these babies will be "split" for Blue (meaning they carry one copy of Green allele and one copy of Blue allele) and can be used to produce Blue budgies in subsequent breeding if paired correctly.
However, if your Green budgie is a "split" for Blue, mating it to a Blue budgie will give approx 50% of the babies in blue and the other approx 50% will be green.
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