Chic Color

Post pictures of birds you need identified here!
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Chic Color

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I have a pair of birds that have produced well in the past. ll chics thrown were almost replicas of the parents themselves. The parents are pictured here: The cock bird is on the left and the hen on the right (the bigger of the pair). This latest batch of chics is not typical to what they have thrown in the past. In the image here: the chic on the left is very typical. Dark beak, dark feet, and darker/more full yellow down. The chic on the right has a light beak, light feet, and lighter/thinner yellow down. Do you have any insight into what it could turn out to be? I do not know the genetics of the paired birds. Pigeon keeping started as a hobby and I have come to realize it is becoming a passion. I appreciate the information and look forward to hearing from everyone. I also added the pictures as attachments...
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Re: Chic Color

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It might just be missing "dirty"? Definitely post an update as they grow up!
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