Unwell feral pigeon quarantine

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Unwell feral pigeon quarantine

Post by Johannes1 »

I just rescued my third feral pigeon just picked the poor thing out of the gutter all puffed up, wobbly and breast bone sticking out.
Head said leave it as I can’t risk infecting my show birds but heart said it’s a life so worth saving.
It’s in isolation and medicated, feeding and drinking and faeces look normal now. Lethargic
Slight head shaking so I suspect maybe a nervous issue which I understand is likely not recoverable.
Is this bird likely to continue to be a threat to my birds?
Thanks everyone in anticipation.
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Re: Unwell feral pigeon quarantine

Post by AdamArcher »

The head shaking would have me worried about PMV, which can be extremely deadly to your other birds.
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