Hello All!

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Hello All!

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I’ve been on the forum for a couple months now and just realized I never introduced myself.

I’m Steven from NE Ohio, USA.

I raised pigeons as a boy for close to 10 years, took a break for a while during and after college, and then in the summer of 2021 got some more. I currently have about 70 white and saddle (shield) homing pigeons.

This time around, I became interested in the genetics of the many different colors I get from some of my saddles so am looking to learn what I can to get better at breeding rare colored saddle homers and getting the colors I want.

I’ve found very little information on saddle/shield pigeons in all my genetics research, so if anyone knows of any research/knowledge base of the shield allele and its interactions I’d love to know!


P.S. Adam, thank you very much for the work you put into this forum, pigeongenetics.com, and your YouTube page. It’s all very informative and helpful!
Steven G
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Re: Hello All!

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Welcome! I could be very wrong on this as I don't breed them and am only relying on hazy memory.... but I "think" saddle mark "might" be a recessive allele at the z-locus. But please don't take that as gospel, there is every chance I just made that up and have a false memory of reading it somewhere!
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