Sex linked gender in pigeons

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Sex linked gender in pigeons

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In humans the male decides the gender in off spring .. what is it for pigeons ??
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Re: Sex linked gender in pigeons

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I've been meaning to write an article on this for a while, but who knows when I'll get around to it!

Humans use XY sex determination. Males have an X and a Y chromosome, whereas females only have XX. So when you say the male "decides" the sex of the child, that is kind of correct. If the child inherits a Y from the father it is a male, an X it is a female.

Pigeons are different, they use ZW sex determination. Cocks this time have the two copies of the same chromosome (ZZ) whereas hens have the different set (ZW). So this time the sex of the child depends on which chromosome it inherits from the mother.

I will get around to writing a more detailed article one day, when I do I'll link it here!
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