How to join the Wiki

If you'd like to have access to edit the Wiki, please introduce yourself here.
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How to join the Wiki

Post by AdamArcher » Sun May 06, 2018 1:48 pm

The Wiki is a valuable resource for all pigeon genetic enthusiasts. To keep this resource at a high standard, only preapproved users may edit the wiki.

If you'd like approval to edit the wiki, please make a post in this board introducing yourself, explaining your pigeon genetics knowledge and why you'd like editing access.

New forum members are restricted from applying, again in an effort to protect the quality of the wiki. We'd prefer you made yourself a regular member of the community before working on the wiki. If your account age means you are restricted but you'd genuinely like to work on the wiki please message me directly and I may be able to make an exception.

Once your account is approved, you will be able to log into the wiki using your forum username and password.

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